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Conservatory Style Ideas

Conservatory Style Ideas. With the right choice of furniture and accessories you can create a garden room even in a city centre flat.

Concervatory Style

You can successfully achieve the conservatory ‘look’ anywhere in the house by making your rooms feel like an extension of the garden or even a substitute for one. The overall effect should be light and airy and if you don’t have a room with lots of natural light, you can still create a fresh, outdoor look with the right choice of colours, fabrics and furniture.

    Colours soft pastels, creams and white a generous amount of green from dark emerald to olive, through to the palest leafy greens. Patterns are busy, colorful floral designs to imitate herbaceous borders or sprays of flowers, or sprays of flowers, or trellis designs use anything that gives a garden feel.
    Walls can be treated simply as back ground for plants painted or papered in plain, pale shades or as subsituties for plants and covered in rambling floral design wallpapers. If you plan to fill the rooms with plants, then use flooring that won’t be damaged by water spills quarry or ceramic tiles or less expensive vinyl are suitable, as is natural look sisal or coirmatting which feels warmer underfoot. Add rag rugs for extra comfort and warmth. If you do choose carpet, keep to natural shades.

Conservatory style with bamboo furniture

    Furniture has a summery, outdoor feel: wicker, bamboo and cane are ideal. White painted wrought iron, though attractive, can be uncomfortable. Upholstered seating is not really in keeping with this style, so try instead a mass of cushions in mixed sizes and flowery patterns or bright , glowing plains.

    Window treatments depend on the size and shape of your windows as well as the other furnishing in the room. Try split cane or bamboo blinds with natural furniture, or floral design curtains or roller blinds with plumpy cushions.

    For lighting, choose basketware shades or glass globe wall lights on wrought iron supports. Uplighters hidden among plants show off the foliage. Of course you’ll need plenty of containers to hold the profusion of plants that is central to this look and plenty of fresh flowers for a summery feeling all year round.

table lamps for conservatory style

Conservatory bay
Large windows give an unrestricted view of the garden beyond, and large potted plants thrive in the light. Furniture is simply shaped cane and bamboo, with comfortable cushions in a floral print.

Dining room – olive green
The fresh white and green colour scheme gives a garden atmosphere that is emphasized by bamboo chairs with trellis like framework. The chairs are stained to match the olive green carpet and seat cushions. The darker green detailing on the paneled door is echoed by the trimming on the simple roman blinds. Bistro wall lights look perfect in this setting, while pale walls and tablecloth complete the garden feel.

Living room – botanical corner
A feeling of the outdoor prevails in this beautiful sitting room. Furniture is grouped next to the large French windows. There are pots and vases containing masses of greenery, botanical prints hang over the table and wicker chair and even the chair cushions are printedwith pots of herbs.

Dining room – flowery
Busy, floral wallpaper dominates this sunny dining room where the pink on the wall is picked out in the china and cutlery. A bamboo blind and plant holders match the furniture and a thin louvre door makes a feature of the window.

Living room – all white
Everything in this sunny corner is painted white the wall and woodwork, the cane furniture and plant stand. The only colour and decoration is in a delicate floral border above the high dado, and in the cushions and accessories. Even the plants in this peaceful garden style retreat are light and delicate.

A major colour for this look is green whether the clear green and white reminiscent of palm trees and foliage plants in a hot house/conservatory or the softer greens and gently coloured blooms of an English country garden. If you can’t have the real thing, then create your own indoor garden with colorful mixed floral design wallpapers and fabrics.

    Furniture and floorcoverings need to be kept as far as possible in natural materials and colours: cane or bamboo, for example. Trelliswork on the walls either real or designed on wallpaper  adds to the garden room feeling and provides the perfect background for plants. The finished overall effect is light and airy. Use as many pot plants and out flowers as possible.
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