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Soft Modern Decorating Style

Soft Modern Decorating Style. 
Soft Modern is a style that easy to like and easy to live in. The kind of style that is wonderful to come home to after a tiring day.

Up-to-date and streamlined as it is, Soft modern is the essence of comfort. It’s a light airy look by day that is transformed by subdued lighting-lots of shaded table lamps and candles, no overhead lights-into a warm atmospheric look at almost any type of home, whether old unimportant because you can use wall-paper borders in place of non-existent features-at dado or picture-rail height, for example.
Colors are predominantly pastels-sometimes almost bleached out; at other times warmer but still subdued, like dusty pink. They are used with small amounts of earthy shades and stronger accents. Patterns are mixed with patterns, but they are soft and blurred so that nothing clashes. Traditional motif s such as chevrons, checks and trellises, live happily side by side with abstract designs that imitate textures and small smudgy florals.

Subtle fabrics are used in profusion on windows as well as for upholstery. Tailored roman blinds look neat but generous. So do the simple curtains that hang straight or are held with tiebacks.
Walls are covered with papers of gently with patterned designs. Or they are painted in soft shades using the popular techniques of ragging , dragging and sponging, Woodwork, too, is often subjected to this subtle treatment. Fire-places are generally painted. Ceilings are invariably white to increase the feeling of space and light, while the floors are close-carpeted or of light-coloured wood.
Finishing touches are stylish too: ceramics with crackle glazes, rounded shapes or strangely angled; table lamps with big conical shades; vases of tall blooms; tailored cushions trimmed with piping; pale rag rugs.

Silent night
Comfortable a and welcoming on a winter’s night, this room is just as appealing in daytime when the curtains are drawn back-sunlight softens the strong pink of the chairs and makes the room seem light and fresh.
Kitchen – light and sure :

Gentle colour with wood is the very essence of the Soft Modern look. Appliances and glass-fronted cupboards emphasize the feeling of the light and space, and accessories repeat the pink and wood theme.
Bathroom sofly dappled
Smudged blue and pale green tiles are divided by a dado rail, woodwork is drag-painted, the blind is splashed with gentle colour. Bedroom – comfort and joy.
A bedroom designed for comfort and relaxation. The walls and furniture have been kept very plain-interest focuses on the bed creates and illusion of space in a smallish room.
Bathroom-luxury looks :

Although this elegant bathroom is large enough for a standard tub, using a corner bath means it feels more spacious – and looks luxurious. Classic floor tiles in soft and darker grey are a practical choice, and the introduction of pink in the floor-length curtains softens the overall effect.
Bedroom – rhapsody
Masses of fabric around the windows and the bed in soft blue and white give a light, fresh look this lovely bedroom. The patchwork quilt echoes the blue theme and adds a touch of pink . The long sweeping curtains are held back with ties for an almost theatrical effect-they give great style to what are, in reality, quite narrow windows.
    The four-poster is a worthy centre-piece. You can build your own by boxing in a divan base and adding a frame of 5 cm square posts. Position curtain tracks behind the frame at the top and hang with lightweight curtains, like these fine cotton striped ones.
Living room – pink and pattern
The mixture of patterns in this stylish living room works because the colours are well co-o rdinated and no one pattern is too dominant. The dark-stained occasional tables add interest, while the combination of long curtains and roman blinds shade the room from bright daylight.

This green and blue room is a perfect example of the Soft Modern style. It is simple and stunningly elegant. Look at the features pointed out here and consider them when decorating in this style. Examine the photographs on the previous pages, too. Although each room is different, there is a very obvious common feel the way the walls are treated, the kind of accessories, the type of furniture and fabrics, and most of all the use of colour and pattern. It’s a good idea to keep in mind how the room will look at night. Use subdued lighting-table lamps with big shades are good choices.
Pastels and patterns
A mixture of patterns in soft pastel colours-such as pink, apricot and blue in fabrics and wall coverings, combine with simple streamlined furniture and accessories to epitomize the Soft Modern look. Here, patterns are mixed in fabrics with colours that blend perfectly; a small area of strong orange acts as an accent, in an otherwise pastel scheme. A simple coffee table with a pale, wood laminate finish, round ceramic vases and table lamps, which cast a gentle light, are all finishing touches which contribute to the look.
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